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IIT Kharagpur - Introduction  


Are you looking forward to joining the most prestigious institute in the country in the field of Information Technology? Then the very first name that starts lingering in our mind is none other than IIT Kharagpur.

Over decades IIT Kharagpur has served several students who are right now not only well-established in life but also working in some of the top fortunes IT companies across the world. 

Well, in this regard the living example is right now Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai who is the ex IITians himself. So from this, one can well understand the overall academic excellence IIT Kharagpur usually offers and maintains even today.

Apart from that, they have got an excellent track record of giving placement to students to all top fortune companies not only from across the country but also from across the world.  Companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and many others have hired from IITS to get the best brain and talent for their company with an exquisite pay scale annually.


Courses offered here   

Here students need to clear JEE Main entrance exam with the best score and then follow the GDPI session for the admission process.  

  •         B.Tech and MTech in Aerospace Engineering
  •         M.SC in BioScience
  •         B.Tech and MTech in Biotechnology
  •         Civil ENGG, Environmental ENGG. & Management (M.TECH DUAL5Y)
  •         B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
  •         B.Tech and MTech in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering
  •         B.Tech and MTech in Mechanical Engineering
  •         Medical Physics (3YR. M.SC.)
  •         Nuclear Medicine (2YR. M.SC.)
  •         Molecular Medical Microbiology (2YR. M.SC.)
  •         B.Tech and MTech on Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture
  •         And many more professional courses that can really change your career to the next level

Well, there you have it, for more details you can visit the official website in this regard to know more about their courses in further detail.



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