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Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing is a leading digital marketing training institute in Kolkata. We professionally educate our students on the topics which are the best ways to learn digital marketing. According to research the future of digital marketing in Kolkata is tremendous. If you want to know the niece of Digital marketing courses in Kolkata provided by AIDM, you need to know some basics about Digital Marketing.

What is digital marketing:

Digital marketing can be loosely defined as a process in which we can directly promote any business, product, services or  brand to the target audiences via internet enabled devices. Digital marketing is also known as internet marketing or online marketing.
Suppose you are starting a Café near a college. It means your target customers are mainly the college goers.

  • What would you do to grab the attention of the college goers?
  • You will decorate the exterior of a Café with signboards or glow signs to increase the visibility. It will help.
  • But have you considered that where do the college goers spend more time nowadays?
  • They are busy using social Medias like Facebook and Instagram.
  • So what if you set a business page for your Café in Facebook?
  • I will boost the visibility of your business to your target customers.
  • Now what if you organize a selfie contest in Facebook which needs to be taken in your café?
  • It will not only pull them to your Café and boost your sell but it will also build a good relation between you and your target customers.

This was just one simple example a small digital marketing skill can benefit your business. Both in short term and long term. And there are thousands effective skills just like it. And they may potentially boost the visibility of any type of business. Due to the effectiveness of Digital marketing there is huge scope in digital marketing as a career option.

Different Segments of Digital marketing:

SEO or ( Search Engine Optimization ) are the techniques to make your website or webpage acquire better ranking in organic search engine results. First of all, the better ranking a Website gets in SERP (Search Engine Result Page ) the more chances it gets to attract the attention of a potential customer. Due to more potential customers in your website the chances it conversions gets higher.


SMO or ( Social Media Optimization ) involves using communities or social media outlets with the aim of spreading awareness of a brand, event or product. Social Media Marketing is mainly used for brand promotion but if used cleverly it may get you conversions in some specific types of business. If a business targets youth or teenagers as their potential customers they simply can’t ignore SMO.


PPC or ( Pay Per Click ) is the most prevalent type of internet marketing in which the advertiser pays the publisher each time an ad is clicked. It doesn’t help a business in long term basis but it can satisfy the short term goals of a business strikingly. PPC places a snippet towards the top of a SERP. If a potentially customer urgently needs to make a purchase they click whatever they see at the top. And they generally make a purchase immediately.

Video Marketing

Video as the new medium of promotion and marketing has many followers in today’s world. One can put them up for view at video distribution sites like YouTube. Currently, Google prefers videos, especially those on YouTube. As a result Video Marketing is getting more and more important.

What AIDM provides to its students?
If you join AIDM, and learn the subjects that our teachers teach you, you will be benefited in several ways.

  • You will learn all the analytical skills needed to sense the nature of a business.
  • You’ll know how to get the right audience for a right service.
  • We will teach you all the techniques to make something visible and popular in internet.
  • We are always available to you whenever you have a problem regarding any of our lessons.
  • After you complete your course, you will not only be eligible for attractive job offers but you will also have the capacity to start something on your own.

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