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About the course

The Online BBA program is an ideal course for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of business management. After completing the program, students can opt for an MBA program or a management degree program for higher education.

The 3-year degree program helps students become industry-ready managers.

A Bachelor of Business Administration provides a clear understanding of the fundamentals of business operations in finance, human resources, marketing, sales, management, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Nowadays, things have changed a lot in terms of the perception of “teaching” by the educational system. Everything has become virtual and more and more online courses are emerging and more importance is given to those that already exist.

Students have started to explore more and more online courses, which makes the Bachelor of Business Administration BBA online course another course that is gaining popularity.

The online BBA has been designed with the aim of giving students the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of business administration and to be able to apply the knowledge in the real world using the virtual teaching system.

Like any other degree, an online BBA course lasts for 6 semesters. The difference when you opt for an online course is flexibility. This is useful if you are a working professional or a student anywhere in the world. If you're a working professional, you don't need to take a break from honing your skills with an online BBA program. If you are a student, you can acquire practical skills in parallel.

semester 1

The first semester of your online BBA degree will typically guide students through the basics of accounting fundamentals and marketing principles. This semester will students a basic understanding of industry & market dynamics.

Your first semester will also equip you with an understanding of the concepts behind business statistics and business communications, which are at the heart of any business and can make or break important deals.

semester 2

In the second semester, students learn the fundamentals of environmental studies, financial management, IT, and human resource management. HRM is addressed at an early stage in the online BBA program as it is considered the foundation of business administration.

The Semester 2 curriculum also incorporates computer applications in business, individual excellence, and social dynamics.

semester 3

The third semester emphasizes financial and management skills in different sectors, focusing on the following specializations:

The fundamentals of production and operations management.

  1.        Principles of Organizational Behaviour
  2.        Research methods for managers.
  3.        intercultural management
  4.        Financial services and markets

semester 4

The fourth semester deals with the important concepts of the course and the program is structured accordingly. Students seeking an online BBA use the course to become winning entrepreneurs and professionals. During this semester, you will understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the nuances of the subject.

Alongside this, the curriculum at this stage includes courses in sales and distribution management and project management, principles of consumer behavior, and operations research. These four pillars provide a deeper understanding of business administration.

semester 5

During this semester, students receive an introduction to digital marketing for businesses, an extremely popular module. Students also learn important aspects and concepts that play a fundamental role in the business world, such as:

  1.        Business strategy
  2.        Customer relationship management
  3.        Financial planning
  4.        Quality management
  5.        Professional ethics

semester 6

During the last semester of your online BBA course, you will learn:

  1.        Brand management
  2.        Fundamentals of International Human Resource Management
  3.        Retail Fundamentals
  4.        Thesis/Project

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